Aug 31 2015

Back to the office - Special offer

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To brighten the late summer, VirtuaGirl offers you a pack of 5 cards in 3k resolution for 8 credits ONLY and a pack of 8 cards in 1080p for 8 credits ONLY! 

Packs are automatically generated based on the best rated cards not in your collection. 

This offer will end on Sunday, Sept. 6th midnight, Paris time :) Hurry up ! 

- Open your software 
- Navigate to the store 
- Click the Booster Pack tab 
- Choose your pack :) 

And don't forget to "synchronize with servers" in your settings / advanced once purchased ;) 

Enjoy ! 
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Aug 30 2015

Lucy Li - Lara’s fantasy

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Lucy Li is a certified athletic trainer that discovered her love of stripping when she began teaching a pole dancing class. Lucy was asked to fill in for a colleague one day and run an aerobic pole dancing class and from the moment the cold pole hit her hands, she was hooked! Lucy gets off on the empowerment she gets when stripping for an audience. She is in control, she is running the show and she is sharing her innermost sexuality with you, right there on stage. -- CZECH REPUBLIC, 35/25.5/34, BROWN-HAIRED, European
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Aug 30 2015

Katya Clover - Flirtatious

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We are proud to bring you the delicious Katya Clover from Vladivostok, Russia. We call her delicious because she wears this vanilla and peach body cream that smells like a mouth watering cobbler pie. Katya tells us she tastes as good as she smells and we totally believe her! Katya has a smooth sexiness about her that draws people in. Her hobbies include flirting, dancing, clubbing and flirting with more flirting thrown in for good measure. Yes, Katya is a wild flirt and it's one of the reasons she loves performing so much. Every dance she does is her way of flirting with the world so get ready to get to know every inch of the beautiful and flirty Katya! -- RUSSIA, 34/23.4/36, FAIR, European
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Aug 30 2015

2 new VirtuaGirl cards

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Katya Clover is a self proclaimed flirt and today she has her sights set on you!
Download her full stage show and let her entice you with her body while she captivates your attention with her beautiful eyes and amazing smile.

Get ready for some real life cosplay as Lucy Li pretends to be a famous video game character that is very well endowed in the breast area.
Sit back and get your joystick out as Lucy invites you to play.

e0222 Katya Clover/Flirtatious
e0231 Lucy Li/Lara's fantasy
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Aug 27 2015

3 new VirtuaGirl cards

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Melisa is set to meet you for a secret rendezvous.
She wore a short skirt so you would have easy access to all her love spots. She knows you have to be quick so that you can make it back to work on time.
Being naughty in the middle of the day feels good and Melisa is ready to play!

There are two things Viola loves in life: stripping and rock music.
It's an extra bonus when she gets to strip TO rock music and today she makes it happen. If you love rocker chicks that like to get wild, make sure to download Viola's entire performance.

Katya Clover is your typical girl next door but today she was feeling feisty!
Her alter ego Sinfandel came out and she is ready to tease you until you are ready to burst!

e0207 Melisa/Secret Rendezvous
e0212 Viola/A New Rose
e0221 Katya Clover/Sinfandel
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